ABOUT PETIT wine bar

ABOUT PETIT wine bar

“Petit Cru” is a pun, a little cheekiness, but with the noblest of intentions. The word “Cru” officially marks the top wineries in France, those that always produce great wine. Petit Cru is, therefore, our little vineyard in the heart of Brno, where the best wines from all over the world mature regardless of the weather.

We have about 500 different wines from around the world ready for you. Of those, at least 50 are available daily for you to taste in quantities from 1 dcl.

Petit Cru is also as a wine and delicacies shop. Take a piece of delight with you and share it with your loved ones.

PETIT wine bar & shop

Visit our wine bar and we will take a good care of you. Our sommeliers study wine every day and there is not a bottle in Petit wine bar they know nothing about.  All the wines on our wine list have been tasted by our staff and carefully selected to create a wide-ranging offer of what the world of wine can offer.