PETIT CRU wine bar & shop
Údolní 11, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic

Email: petit@petit-cru.cz
Phone: +420 774 497 787


We offer a wider range of wines than is typical for the businesses nearby. We are delighted when you ask us about the latest news and when you are open to discovering the less familiar corners of the wine world.

Every week we prepare wine tastings managed by winegrowers, importers or sommelier, who are fully committed to the search for interesting wines. Their experience and enthusiasm is what fulfills our mission and we invite everyone to come in and appreciates the effort.

Here is a program of tasting: EVENTS CALENDAR

How can I get a ticket? You can buy the ticket at the Petit Cru bar (cash / card) or by emailing petit@petit-cru.cz.

PETIT CRU wine bar & shop

Visit our wine bar and we will take a good care of you. Our sommeliers study wine every day and there is not a bottle in Petit Cru that they know nothing about.  All the wines on our wine list have been tasted by our staff and carefully selected to create a wide-ranging offer of what the world of wine can offer.